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Reading The Bible With Dan

Sorry about the last two week

Oct 27, 2014

Hello all,

    I realize I haven't published a new episode the last two weeks. That's mostly due to me moving over the last two weekends. Now that the process is completed I will get back to mocking America's most revered book next weekend.

    The next chapter is the one where Israel decides it needs a King. Much like...

Not A Chapter 1: Needed A Break To Calm Down

Aug 22, 2014

Hello all,

    You may have noticed that I haven't produced an episode of this podcast since having my soul scorched by Judges 19. The bottom line is that chapter made me so mad I honestly couldn't say anything humorous about the Bible for a few weeks afterwards. I will return to mocking the Bible, starting with Samuel...

A Message From Me To You

Oct 11, 2013

Dearest Listener,

    You might have noticed that I haven't published an episode in a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately that trend might continue for the next couple of weeks as I am moving and very pressed for time.  Never fear, the podcast will resume after a very short hiatus were I will read about the poor bastard to...

Live Episode Update

Aug 7, 2013

Hello friends,

     The live podcast was recorded last night and I am very much looking forward to sharing it with everyone as soon as I can.  Hopefully I will publish it on Saturday, with a new regular episode to be published on Sunday.  I could not be happier with how the recording went.  In addition, I filmed the...

The podcast I recorded for this week sucked

May 19, 2013

Hello all,

    I did actually record something for this week and I really tried to make myself believe it didn't suck too bad to release.  Unfortunately that just wasn't the case.  It was bad.  Real bad.  I will try and get one out this evening but if I don't it might not happen this week since it's going to be a very...