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Reading The Bible With Dan

Feb 25, 2018

Hello friends,
In this episode I only manage to read 4 verses of Ezekiel in about an hour. The rest is just me talking about shit. If that sounds good to you, awesome. If not, then maybe skip this one as it will be disappointing.

Enjoy I Hope!

Sep 27, 2017

Hello friends,

In this episode we read Psalms Ch 2, where shitty King David tells nations how they should behave. In addition we learn about proper nuclear apocalypse etiquette, old testament bad publicity and one of the best ways to die.


Mar 5, 2017

Hello friends,
In this much belated episode we read the Book of Daniel Chapter 01. We also talk about King Trump, why being a billionaire in ancient times sucked and the value of lying your ass off.


Live in SLC tonight!

Jul 2, 2016

Hello all,

Tonight is the night for a live recording of reading the bible with Dan deep in Mormon country.

I am very excited for this show.


I will be live streaming it via Periscope (following @danieltweber) and recording the audio and video to release next week.

Listen however you wish to.


You won't regret...