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Reading The Bible With Dan

Nov 21, 2021

Dan is back this week to wrap up Elihu's insane rant to Job.

Nov 14, 2021

Elihu finally spits it the fuck out (kind of) in Job ch. 33. It's exactly as exciting as you'd think. 

Nov 7, 2021

We don't understand why the world hates women, Dan talks about his Sicilian ex-boss and we skip to the best part of Job where the speaker won't spit it the fuck out.

Oct 31, 2021

The first have gets weird with some existentialism and a noteable day for Dan. Then Job Ch. 12 happens and Dan decides he hates this entire god damned book now.

Oct 24, 2021

This week, Dan gets sick of Job's shit and skips to Ch. 11. He also digs into the truths of Donald Trump.