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Reading The Bible With Dan

May 14, 2017

Hello all,
In this episode we finish reading chapter 2 of the Book Of Daniel where Daniel managed to lie as effectively as anyone in human history. In addition, we learn about why leaders are weird, the non value of being wise and why incense was the greatest gift you could someone in the time of the Old Testament.


May 7, 2017

Hello All,
In this live recorded episode, we learn about the last supper and the trial of Jesus. In addition, we learn a great deal about feet, Bill Cosby and how improve doomed Jesus to death.


Mar 12, 2017

Hello all,
In this episode we read Daniel Ch 02 where the king has a bad dream and then makes everyone else have a terrible day. In addition we learn about when it would be OK to steal material, why have an occupassion is fine and the value of listening.


Mar 5, 2017

Hello friends,
In this much belated episode we read the Book of Daniel Chapter 01. We also talk about King Trump, why being a billionaire in ancient times sucked and the value of lying your ass off.


Live in SLC tonight!

Jul 2, 2016

Hello all,

Tonight is the night for a live recording of reading the bible with Dan deep in Mormon country.

I am very excited for this show.


I will be live streaming it via Periscope (following @danieltweber) and recording the audio and video to release next week.

Listen however you wish to.


You won't regret...