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Reading The Bible With Dan

Dec 28, 2017

Hello friends,
This episode is the audio of a show I did at Open Signal here in Portland for viewing on the local public access channels. We read about a chapter and half of The Book of Job. In addition, we talk about catch phrases, taking bad news poorly and there is an easter egg you can find near the end.


Dec 22, 2017

Hello all,
In this episode we read Chapter 4 of Ezekiel, where Yahweh forces Ezekiel to lay on his side, eat starvation rations of crackers cooked of a fire build with dried shit and play army men against a toy Jerusalem. In addition we learn about why I don't like knee jerk libertarian comedians, my opinions on net...

Dec 14, 2017

Hello all,
In this episode we finish reading Ezekiel Ch 3, where Yahweh gives Ezekiel an impossible task. In addition I rant about Ron Moore (thank you Alabama for not electing that pile of shit), my new girlfriend (thank you Danni Zamudio for being fucking amazing) and the difficulties of being a Televangelist before...

Dec 13, 2017

Hello all,
In this weeks episode, I am proud to present my segment from the first annual Portland Podcast Festival held on 12/2. In it I read John 3:16 the Christian's number one campaign slogan. In addition we learn about god's "love", how bad a salesman Jesus was and what is the best possible afterlife.


Dec 6, 2017

Hello all,
In this weeks episode we read the first half of Ezekiel Ch 3. In addition we learn about how dope the Portland Podcast Festival was, the death of the American Dream and a magic scroll human centipede.